Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton
I’m borned in England at 1643 as prematured child three months after my father’s death.
I lived in Woolsthorpe Manor.
There was once when I was investigating the bending of light, I made an accidental discovery that light was made of
a spectrum of colours. This was when I made the theory of color. Although many other scientist did a similiar experiment, i discovered
something more. Refracting the light through the prism at different degrees shows difference in colour. I called this the refrangibility.
Colours of the Optical Spectrum

Background Information
White light is believed to show rainbow-like effects when being bended by certain objects
like glass and water.

To investigate whether the myth (white light is made of many optical colours combined)
is true or false.

White light will be dispersed by a prism into a colour spectrum.

Apparatus & Materials
A prism, a magnifying glass, sun light

No safety precautions required-


Independent variables
No independent variables-

Dependent variables
Result of the light passing through a prism.

Controlled variables
-No controlled variables-

Step by step
1. Wait for the sun to be at it’s peak to get best results.
2. Use a magnifying glass to focus sun light into a light beam.
3. Place the prism in front of light beam.
4. Record the results

Colour Spectrum Diagram

Colour spectrum was created after sun light passed through the prism.

When the colours are dispersing, at the center of the colour spectrum  ray closes  to the prism seems
to be white. The colours starts to split when they are a little further than the white part. This observation seems to bring me to another hypothesis. If the colour spectrum is to pass through a second prism, it will combine th

e colours back into a single, white light.


White light, after passing through a prism disperses into a colour spectrum.

The light is bended, showing its other colours.


It was very reliable as this is the nature of light and not rocket science. Nothing will change if the experiment was to be done in a similiar but not exact way.

Using the magnefying glass to focus the sun light gives a better, clearer result than just the sun light.

Get a light box and using it will provide a much more accurate results than relying on the sun.
The light beam will also be more focused than the sun’s without any magnification.

Evaluating validity of method.
The experiment was a success as even though is a complicated result we are looking for,
the material and the method is simple. It could be improved if lightbulbs were already invented.

3rd July 1666,

White light seems to be made of many different colors combined or Spectrum of Colours (SC).
Shining white light into a prism seems to split the light into Spectrum of Colors.
I shall attempt to combine the spectrum of colours into white light again


15th August 1666,

Who would have thought placing another prism would combine the SC back
to a white light? This experiment has supported my theory

What happens when a light passes through 2 Prisms

Isaac Newton discovered that white light is made up of a spectrum of colors, that when blended together produce the white light. He showed by use of a prism that white light can be split into a spectrum of colors and then used a second prism to show this spectrum can then be rejoined to produce white light. Newton … theorized that light was composed of particles but had to associate the property of light with waves in order to explain refraction of light.

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